The Machine

“The intelligence machine they run, it has to be said, is very, very effective”

Director of Intelligence

Find an Alternative

[the client] had invested money in policing this which can be seen through the excellent work of the investigators they employed to uncover this kind of thing. The painstaking work of [the clients]’s investigative team paid off dividends in this case. 

Judge’s comment in Crown Court

Analytical Alternatives

“Certainly when it comes to offering proper risk based, intelligence led programs and an analytical methodology that resonates with the sales and marketing types in corporate they are really the only game in town”

Global Security Director of a Fortune 500 company

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”

Abraham Maslow

Strategic Program Creation

Our close working relationship with many clients has encouraged the mutual flow of ideas and strategic policy.

Tactical Program Delivery

Country Market Survey, Intelligence Profiling, Data Analysis & Formatting and Covert Engagement

Program to support law enforcement

The ultimate goal for many clients is to compile a strong evidential case against an infringer, to refer to national or international law enforcement authorities.