Our global network of highly trained specialist consultants have been trained by and held previous key positions within leading Governmental Intelligence,  Law Enforcement, Military Intelligence  and Security Services. They have successfully transferred these skills to the benefit of leading corporate entities.

As such they have extensive experience of working with extremely sensitive corporate and Governmental intelligence, using it to direct operational activity and formulate strategic responses to problems on a national and international basis. Their work, which requires the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, has further added to the formulation of national policies, law enforcement strategies and legislation.

We guarantee our clients a highly professional level of service, complete discretion and security of data and intelligence and guaranteed results to set deadlines.

In recent years, we have strengthened the internal processes that we follow to ensure that all activities in which we engage remain lawful and ethical. There has been considerable adverse international media coverage of unlawful commercial investigative activities, and as such it is imperative that as a company and as individuals we continue to demonstrate openness and integrity in everything we do.